Snake Venom to Fight Wrinkles

28 Dec

Cosmetics increasingly incorporate new developments towards disguising the passage of time in the Paerson, on today there are many treatments for each body part being the most popular of related wrinkles and fat burning or reduction of the figure.

In relation to the wrinkle, the leading treatment to date is Botox, a treatment that is applied under the skin with needles and thanks to its composition makes the contour be paralyzed so that clears the expression and therefore the effect is tight. The problem with this treatment is its price and on the other side to be applied by specialists.

Today the major cosmetic manufacturers are betting on an anti-aging solution based on snake venom, recently some studies have shown that the toxin that contains the venom of the snake, get treated properly function as neuromuscular blockade causing the skin is not as loose and tight as conferential properties. It appears that this treatment was previously only reserved for Hollywood superstars, would apply as an ordinary mask on the facial skin after about 10 minutes and could withdraw getting a face much smoother and smoother.

The truth is that all cosmetics are simply ways to slow aging, and at least progress in this direction are good because they are natural, and are already available to every budget since by just over 50 euros we have the possibility creams buy snake venom.

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