Beauty Tips for Summer

31 Jan

Be made up to go to the office or just to get an appointment requires some tricks during summer, it tends to become matted and stuck together by the action of excessive heat. So this is why many women tend to wear a black line in the middle of the eyelid as a result of heat, while others do not apply dark shadows have shadows around their eyes for eyeliner or mascara.


Complexion look less bright, requires more than just drying the face and the application of translucent powder. Requires neglecting the foundation and replace the tinted moisturizers, lighter texture and less fat. This will help your skin to breathe better and can be easily removed from the face, if you re-apply another layer.

But if you prefer to keep using your foundation, you better count on two, a darker base for the summer and a clearer for the winter, preferably, both with sunscreen.


We look like girls feet in summer, so we arranged so that they look soft, smooth and beautiful nails and neatly painted. However, do not always choose the right color for the season. According to experts of the beauty, the ideal colors for summer are all those bright, vivid colors like coral tones, pink, fuchsia, etc. The important thing is that they highlight the color of your skin and make it look attractive.

Sun block

Properly applied sunscreen is another trick of beauty that we should do. In the rush, many girls just apply the cream on the face, hands and décolleté, leaving out the neck, arms, shoulders and part of the foot. If you really want to prevent a few years do not have to suffer from skin cancer, we must take the trouble to apply ourselves properly.

This should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure, so it gives the body time to absorb the blocking solution.

Eye Makeup

To avoid the shadows gather in the eyelid, apply powder shadow and never in cream or liquid. If before that you’ve applied a moisturizer with color on the face, made to last longer. It also replaces your pencil liner for a liquid that does not pass with the passing of the hours. Full face makeup with bright colors or pastels that giving the ideas of summer and highlight your most beautiful features.

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