Getting Rid of Cellulite: Do Cellulite Treatments Really Work?

17 Oct

When you think of cellulite, you think of a constant struggle with that aspect of ugly skin.

But beyond that painful massages from some beauty salons, there are treatments, therapies and changes in your lifestyle with real results.

Food is the starting point. Because cellulite is formed due to accumulation of toxins, the next logical question is how are these toxins in the body.

“The cell can be prevented,” says Dr. Rudolf Weyergans physician who revolutionized the treatment of cellulite, creating differentiated theory of cellulite. What we must do is to eat less meat, and generally, less animal protein.

Theory of differentiated cellulite

Based on research over 30 years in this field, Weyergans Rudolf developed differential theory of cellulite. This implies the existence of complex treatment, consisting of three stages.

“Differential theory of cellulite is the result of over 30 years of experience in cosmetology. It is a theory developed on the basis of evidence, being applied in over 40 countries,” says the doctor.

The first step is to stimulate the lymphatic system. “Cellulite is a problem in the lymph. Toxins are stored in fat cells and to be removed, depends entirely on the lymphatic system. This means we need to reactivate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body,” said Dr. Rudolf Weyergans.

“The second step is to activate the metabolism because the body can function properly again,” added the doctor.

“The last step is to restore tissue firmness, which can be obtained by muscle activity” concludes Dr. Weyergans.

More attention to nutrition and sports

As a rule, remember that healthy eating and physical movement are reliable allies in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite.

* Water: never forget the importance that has a regular intake of water to maintain elasticity of skin, preventing the formation of stretch marks;
* Caffeine: it can promote the development of stretch marks, but if you’re addicted to coffee or black tea do not forget to balance your intake of beverages consumed. Why not try that after each sip of coffee, tea or juice?;
* Nutrients: Eat foods rich in zinc (oil, fish), vitamin A and C (carrots, citrus, milk, eggs, liver, fatty fish), vitamin E (peanuts, raw sunflower seeds, germ of cereals, green vegetables, tomatoes, vegetable oils, soybean, corn, sunflower);
* Sports and massage: exercise performed regularly, and home made massage oil or olive oil capsules with vitamin E may diminish stretch marks and cellulite.


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